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Acquiring HDF Datafiles

FTP Download (for Collection 6)

The team at U Mass Boston has made available an updated product for use with Collection 6:

FTP Download (for Collection 5)

  1. Select Product To Download:

        Filled Albedo Maps
              (Black Sky or White Sky, organized by wavelength)
        Filled Albedo Map Run-Time QA
              (organized by wavelength)
        MOD43B3 Albedo Map QA
              (organized by wavelength)
        Filled Albedo Map Statistics
              (Black Sky or White Sky, organized by resolution)
        Filled Albedo Map Statistics By Ecosystem Type
              (Black Sky or White Sky, organized by resolution)
        Filled Albedo Map Snow Statistics
              (Single or Multiyear Stats, by hemisphere or season)

  2. Click Go:

      May take up to 30 seconds to be redirected to FTP site


The redirection java scripts used on this page requires Netscape 3.x, Microsoft Explorer 4.x, or a compatible browser. If any problems are encountered, use the direct Anonymous FTP link provided at the bottom of this page.


Most of the downloadable HDF map data are stored in two ways: by date, where all wavelengths are stored for each day or by wavelength, where all days are stored for each wavelength. Most of the downloadable HDF statistical data are stored by date or by resolution. All HDF data files are compressed using tar. To decompress after downloading the tar file, use the command tar -xvf *.tar

On 9/5/2004, the 2002 V004 albedo map and statistical products were made available for download. This data have several advantages over the 2001 V003 (previous version) data, including upgrades in both the MOD43B3 and spatial filing algorithms. In addition, the 2002 MOD43B3 data is temporally complete whereas the 2001 MOD43B3 data was missing two 16-day periods in June due to MODIS being non-operational.

The product is stored in the normal HDF files (v1.0) and internally compressed HDF files (v1.2). The compressed files dramatically reduce the data volume, however they also incur a significant I/O cost especially when performing iterative reads (i.e. repeatedly reading latitude belts or partial maps). This is due to the entire map being decompressed every time a section of the map is read.

Current plans are to process, and make available, the collection 5 Albedo data for multiple years during the 2005 calendar year.

Acquiring Data Through Anonymous FTP

Albedo products are stored on the modis-atmosphere anonymous ftp site. If any difficulty is encountered using the menu system above, one may navigate the FTP site directly by following the following link:

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