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QA Information

Uninitialized, Non-Fill Data Occasionally Contaminates Deep Blue Aerosol parameters.

In certain circumstances, data with very high solar zenith angles (SZA) can cause uninitialized, non-fill data to be placed into the MYD04_L2 file. Fill data is appropriate for Deep Blue retrieval at very high SZA (above 72 degrees). The latest version of Deep Blue corrects this defect. To date, a limited number of days which are effected by this problem were found. Problematic data is typically found in the November to March time period, and in polar regions (Canada, Siberia, Alaska, Greenland, Antarctica) In any given month, there may be a single day exhibiting the problem, or there may be a large number of days.

    [PGE = PGE04 v5.3.7] [Period = 8/2002-10/2007] [Platform = Aqua]

    [PGE = PGE04 v5.3.8] [Period = 10/2007-current] [Platform = Aqua]

Information provided by Jeremy Warner (NASA/GSFC)

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