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MOD07_L2 (Atmosphere Profile Product)
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Data Volume

The MODIS Atmosphere Profile Product (MOD07_L2) will be produced at the MODAPS facility at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

MODAPS will produce 100% of the MOD07_L2 product. Approximately 288 MOD07_L2 HDF files are produced per day. With each HDF file roughly 28.3 MB in size, the total data volume is approximately 8.2 GB per day.

Production Rules

MOD_PR07 executes 24 hours a day on every MODIS Level-1B granule.

Each execution requires:

  • Required Input Files:

    • one granule of Level 1B 1km product
    • corresponding granule of Level 1 geolocation product
    • corresponding granule of Level 2 cloudmask product.


    MOD_PR07 will run the atmosphere group ancillary data ingest subroutine which uses 5 files as input:

    • NCEP 6-hourly GDAS1 meteorological data GRIB file (optional)
    • NCEP daily ice GRIB file (optional)
    • NCEP daily TOVS total ozone GRIB file (optional)
    • NCEP weekly Reynolds SST ASCII file (optional)
    • NSIDC daily snow/ice HDF-EOS file (optional)

    If any of the these files are missing or from the wrong date/time, MOD_PR07 will still run successfully to completion.

    If the NCEP GDAS1 files are not available within 24 hours of analysis time, do not wait for them as they will probably never be available (e.g. NCEP computer network was down).

    The NCEP GDAS1 files are available 4 times per/day so choose the closest GDAS1 analysis time to the MODIS granule being processed.


    MOD_PR07 requires three regression coefficient files in order to execute.


    MOD_PR07 produces the following files for each granule: The output product HDF file ATMOSPHERIC PROFILES for MODIS (MOD07) An output Quality Control file for MODIS - ASCII

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