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MOD07_L2 (Atmosphere Profile Product)
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File Spec

CDL Format

The link below allows one to download and view the complete MOD07_L2 file specification. This file spec gives a complete description of the MOD07_L2 HDF product file, including all the Scientific Data Sets and their local attributes.

This file specification document, written mainly in the network Common Data Form Language (CDL), defines HDF dimension names, dimension sizes, and declares attributes and arrays in terms of those dimensions. Other HDF objects not representable in CDL constructs (e.g. Vdata, Vgroups and ECS metadata) are described within comment blocks (any line or lines beginning with the characters "//").

Array indexing is described in terms of the C programming language which is row dominant and begins at 0.

MOD07_L2 File Spec (51 Kb)

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