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Support Team


For comments or questions on the MODIS Atmosphere Daily Global Product contact:

Software Development

The Daily Global Product code was designed, developed, & modified by:

  • Robert Pincus
  • Paul Hubanks
  • Bill Ridgway
  • Gala Wind
  • Walter Wolf

Algorithm Development

Algorithms that were used to generate the Level-2 input, that were (in turn) used to generate the Level-3 Daily Global Product were developed by:

  • Aerosol Properties, NIR Water Vapor, & Cirrus Detection

    • Dr. Yoram Kaufman
    • Dr. Lorraine Rember
    • Dr. Rob Levy
    • Dr. Christina Hsu
    • Dr. Bo-Cai Gao

  • Cloud Optical Properites

    • Dr. Michael King
    • Dr. Steve Platnick

  • Cloud Top Properties

    • Dr. Paul Menzel
    • Dr. Steve Ackerman

  • Atmosphere Profiles
    • Dr. Eva Borbas