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Format and Content

File Format Basics

Filled NDVI Product files are stored in Hierarchical Data Format (HDF). HDF is a multi-object file format for sharing scientific data in multi-platform distributed environments. HDF files should only be accessed through HDF library subroutine and function calls, which can be downloaded from the HDF web site. All of the parameters are stored as Scientific Data Sets (SDS's) within the HDF file.

File Frequency and Maximum File Size

  • 1 Filled NDVI Map Product File/Period ~445MB
  • Filled NDVI Statistical Files are under development

Filled NDVI Map Product File Details

Dimension List:

  1. LatitudePts = 10800
  2. LongitudePts = 21600

SDS List:

  1. NDVI (LatitudePts, LongitudePts)
    Description: Filled NDVI Map
    Valid Range: 0 to 1
    Scale Factor: 0.001
    Offset: 0.0
    Units: None
    Fill Value: 32767.0

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