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Filled Normalized Difference Vegetative Index Product
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Analysis Tools

Spatial and Dataset Subsetting

  • Subsetting Value-Added Land Map HDF Files
  • FilledMapSubsetter: This program provides both spatial and data set subsetting for the albedo, NDVI, and ecosystem value-added maps (1-minute resolution products, no statistics). Developed by Eric Moody (NASA GSFC). Fortran 90, PERL Script (HDF Toolkit Required). Details and Download!


  • Reading Value-Added Land Product HDF Files
  • SpatialCompProd_IOUtils: Through a series of subroutines, a section of the either map or statistics from all of the value-added products can be read. There is also a routine which computes equal-angle map indices (of any resolution) from an inputted latitude and longitude. Developed by Eric Moody (NASA GSFC). Fortran 90 (HDF Toolkit Required). Details and Download!

If you have any questions about reading or visualizing these files using these supplied tools, contact Eric Moody.

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