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Reading All Value-Added Product HDF Files

Program Name: SpatialCompProd_IOUtils

Program Description: Through a series of subroutines, a section of the either map or statistics from all of the value-added products can be read. There is also a routine which computes equal-angle map indices (of any resolution) from an inputted latitude and longitude. A sample call program is also included which demonstrates how each of the subroutines is called and used.

Language and Environment Requirements: Fortran 90, HDF Toolkit.

Limitations: The HDF file to be subsetted must be visible to the program. That is, the HDF file must be accessible from the platform where the program is running.

Installation Tips: Once the files are unzipped and untarred, examine the README and HowToRun text files for more details on installing and running the code.

Developer: Eric Moody (NASA GSFC).

Current Version (Release Date): Version 1.0 (April 27, 2004).

ReadMe File
Application File

Note: Download file is zipped and tarred.
To Unzip use the command "gzip -d filename".
To UnTar use the command "tar -xvf filename".