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Whats New?
MODIS Instrument Status

Whats New

Updated the MODIS Data Products Calendar, which shows the processing status, data availability, and PGE version evolution for all MODIS Atmosphere HDF data products. The calendar was updated to show the Collection 006 (green shading) processing status, where the Terra processing for C6 is completed! Also completed was a reprocess of the L3 Aqua Daily data (MYD08_D3), so that some additional COP_Phase (Cloud Optical Properties Phase) Histograms can be included. (8 April 2015)

Updated the C6 Known Problems for 06_L2 (Cloud Product) page. (18 March 2015)

Added two missing PowerPoint (PPT) Webinar presentations to the Collection 006 Documentation page. (20 January 2014)

Updated the C6 Known Problems for 04_L2 (Aerosol Product) page. (10 December 2014)

Updated information on the GUI visualization tool Hydra2 on the Tools page. Hydra2 provides a fast and flexible interface that allows users to explore and visualize relationships between sensor measurements (displayed as brightness temperatures for infrared and reflectances for visible and near infrared) and wavelength (or wavenumber) using spectra diagrams, cross sections, scatter plots, multi-band combinations, and color enhancements on a pixel by pixel basis with full access to the underlying metadata of location and time. (10 December 2014)

Updated the C6 Known Problems for 06_L2 (Cloud Product) section, which describes known issues in MODIS Atmosphere Data Products. (3 December 2014)

Added link the new GUI visualization tool "Panoply" Tools page. Panoply is a cross-platform application that plots geo-gridded and other arrays from HDF, netCDF, GRIB files, and others. (23 September 2014)

Updated the Collection 6 Known Problems section, which describes known issues in MODIS Atmosphere Data Products. Tracking of known problems and subsequent fixes is an important issue for MODIS data users. This section will act as a repository of all known MODIS Atmosphere Data Product problems, as well as how to determine the problematic version (and the fixed version) of the HDF data. (23 September 2014)

Selected Collection 6 (C6) Level-3 (L3) Images are available for viewing. Monthly (08_M3) Images     Eight Day (08_E3) Images     Daily (08_D3) Images (23 September 2014)

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