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Collection 005 Update

Collection 005 Collection 005 MODIS data will be earmarked by significant improvements in almost every key data product (SDS parameter).

The next generation of MODIS data products, tagged Collection 005, began production in early April 2006 with the Aqua instrument (PM overpass data) only. A forward processing stream began with the April 1st 2006 data and will move forward in near real time. A reprocessing stream also started with the January 1st 2005 data and will move forward. When this 2005 reprocessing stream is completed, a final reprocessing stream will start with the July 2002 and move forward.

The Terra (AM overpass) processing for Collection 005 is expected to begin on or around July 10th 2006 -- at which time there will be a forward processing stream and a reprocessing stream similar to what is being done for Aqua.

It should be noted that some Collection 005 Cloud Mask data for the Terra instrument was produced by the DAAC. However all of this data will eventually be replaced by the processing effort slated to begin in July 2006.

All MODIS data products are expected to be available in Collection 005 format by late 2006 or early 2007

Offered below are PDF summaries of Collection 005 code/product changes and science impacts for each MODIS data product family.

Collection 005 Change Summary Documents

    Level-2 MODIS Atmosphere Products

  • Aerosol (04_L2) View the PDF Document  (version 5.2)
  • Water Vapor (05_L2) View the PDF Document
  • Cloud (06_L2): Cloud Top Properties View the PDF Document
  • Cloud (06_L2): Cloud Optical Properties View the PDF Document  (Nov 2008, v3.3)
  • Cloud (06_L2): Cirrus Detection View the PDF Document
  • Atmosphere Profile (07_L2) View the PDF Document
  • Cloud Mask (35_L2) View the PDF Document
  • Joint Atmosphere (ATML2) View the PDF Document

    Level-3 MODIS Atmosphere Products

  • Daily (08_D3), 8-Day (08_E3), & Monthly (08_M3) View the PDF Document  (version 2.0)

Download Adobe Acrobat All Collection 005 Change Summary documents are stored in Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe Acrobat must be used to view these files. If you do not have this program, click on the download Adobe Acrobat icon to connect to the Adobe Web site and obtain a free copy of Acrobat Reader.