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Collection 006 Update
Collection 051 Update
Collection 005 Update
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Collection 006 Update

The documents below describe Collection 6 (C6) changes to all L2 and L3 MODIS data.

C6 Atmosphere Team Webinar Series

  • Presentation #1:
    Overview of Collection 6 Atmosphere Products and Level-1B Calibration
    by Steven Platnick & Jack Xiong   (06/25/2014)

    View PDF

  • Presentation #2:
    Overview of Collection 6 Dark-Target Aerosol Product
    by Robert Levy   (07/09/2014)

    View PDF

  • Presentation #3:
    Collection 6 ‘e-Deep Blue’ Aerosol Products
    by Andrew Sayer & Christina Hsu   (07/16/2014)

    View PDF

  • Presentation #4:
    MODIS Aerosols Merged Dark Target / Deep Blue Product
    by Rob Levy / Andy Sayer   (07/16/2014)

    View PDF

  • Presentation #5:
    MODIS Aerosol Dark Target 3 Km Product
    by Leigh Munchak   (07/23/2014)

    View PDF

  • Presentation #6:
    MOD035 Cloud Mask and Clear Sky Products
    by Steve Ackerman   (08/13/2014)

    View PDF

  • Presentation #7:
    MOD06 Cloud Top Properties Product
    by Paul Menzel   (08/20/2014)

    View PDF

C6 Release Announcements

  • MODIS/Aqua C6 Level-2 Aerosol, Cloud, & other Products (01/09/2014) View PDF
  • MODIS/Terra & Aqua C6 Level-1; and Level-2 Cloud Mask & Atm. Profile Products (11/05/2012) View PDF

C6 QA Plan

    C6 MODIS-Atmosphere QA Plan

    • MODIS-Atmosphere QA Plan C6 Update (09/17/2014, v5) View PDF

C6 Level-2 Change Summary Documents

    C6 Level-2 Change Documentation
    • Aerosol (04_L2) (v28, 04/08/2011) View PDF
    • Aerosol, Deep Blue (04_L2) (JGR, 2013) View PDF
    • Water Vapor (05_L2) (v27, 01/11/2010) View PDF
    • Cloud Optical Summary (06_L2) (final, 12/20/2013) View PDF
    • Cloud Optical User Guide (06_L2) (beta, 9/17/2014) View PDF
    • Cloud Top (06_L2) (ATBD, 2013) View PDF
    • Cloud Top (06_L2) (v28, 04/11/2011) View PDF
    • Cloud Top (06_L2) (PPT, 05/08/2012) View PDF
    • Profiles (07_L2) (v29, 12/26/2013) View PDF
    • Profiles (07_L2) (PPT, 06/22/2012) View PDF
    • Cloud Mask (35_L2) (v28, 04/13/2011) View PDF
    • Cloud Mask (35_L2) (ATBD, 2010) View PDF
    • Cloud Mask (35_L2) (PPT, 05/08/2012) View PDF
    • Joint L2 (ATML2) (SDSs, 12/24/2013) View PDF

    C6 Level-2 CDL File Specifications
    • CDL File Spec for L2 Aerosol Product (04_L2) (03/21/2013) View TXT
    • CDL File Spec for L2 Cloud Product (06_L2) (03/28/2013) View TXT

C6 Level-3 Change Summary Documents
    C6 Level-3 Change Documentation

    • Global (08) - SDS Change Table (04/16/2013, v34) View PDF
    • Global (08) High-Level L3 Change Summary/Status (04/13/2013, v10) View PDF
    • Global Aerosol (04->08) Parameter Mapping (03/23/2013, v05) View PDF

    C6 Level-3 CDL File Specifications

    • CDL File Spec for L3 Daily (08_D3) (12/31/2013, v2014) View TXT
    • CDL File Spec for L3 Eight Day (08_E3) & Monthly (08_M3) (12/31/2013, v2014) View TXT