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Publications for 2013

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Cole, B., P. Yang, B. A. Baum, J. Riedi, L. Labonnote, F. Thieuleux, and S. Platnick Comparison of PARASOL observations with polarized reflectances simulated using different ice habit mixtures. J. Appl. Meteor. Clim., 52, 186-196 (2013). [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

King, M. D. & Platnick, S. & Menzel, W.P. & Ackerman, S.A. & Hubanks, P.A. Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Clouds Observed by MODIS Onboard the Terra and Aqua Satellites IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens., Vol. 51, pp. 3826-3852 (2013). [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

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Segal-Rosenheimer, M., P. B. Russell, J. M. Livingston, S. Ramachandran, J. Redemann, and B. A. Baum Retrieval of cirrus properties by Sun photometry: A new perspective on an old issue. J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 118, 4503-4520, doi:10.1002/jgrd.50185 (2013). [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Smith, N., W. P. Menzel, E. Weisz, A. Heidinger, and B. A. Baum A uniform space-time grid for comparison of global satellite cloud products: Characterization and sensitivity studies. J. Appl. Meteor. Clim., 52, 255-268 (2013). [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

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Wang, C., P. Yang, S. Platnick, A.K. Heidinger, B.A. Baum, T. Greenwald, Z. Zhang and R.E. Holz Retrieval of Ice Cloud Properties from AIRS and MODIS Observations Based on a Fast High-Spectral-Resolution Radiative Transfer Model J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol.,52, 710-726, doi:10.1175/JAMC-D-12-020.1 (2013). [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Wang, C., P. Yang, S. L. Nasiri, S. Platnick, B. A. Baum, A. K. Heidinger, and X. Liu A fast radiative transfer model for visible through shortwave infrared spectral reflectances in clear and cloudy atmospheres J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiant. Transfer, 116, 122-131 (2013). [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Yang, P., L. Bi, B. A. Baum, K.-N. Liou, G. Kattawar, and M. Mishchenko Spectrally consistent scattering, absorption, and polarization properties of atmospheric ice crystals at wavelengths from 0.2µm to 100µm J. Atmos. Sci., 70, 330-347 (2013). [ABSTRACT] [PDF]

Yi, B., P. Yang, B. A. Baum, T. L'Ecuyer, L. Oreopoulos, E. J. Mlawer, A. J. Heymsfield, and K. N. Liou Influence of ice particle surface roughening on the global cloud radiative effect. J. Atmos. Sci., 70, 2794-2807 (2013). [ABSTRACT] [PDF]