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Known Problem Summary

Known Problem Summary

Collection 006

Listed below are known problems associated with each MODIS Atmosphere data product in Collection 6.

  • Water Vapor Product (05_L2): Near-Infrared (NIR) Water Vapor

      Do not use the Water Vapor Near IR Product in Collection 006 (C006). There is a problem with the source WVNIR data in 05_L2 HDF files, which then propagates to Level-3 (L3) Daily, Eight-Day, and Monthly. There are no plans currently in place to fix this problem in C6. Data Users should use Collection 051 (C051) Water Vapor Near Infrared Data instead.

  • Cloud Product (06_L2): Cloud Optical Thickness 16 & 37

      Platform: Aqua
      Product Generation Executive (PGE): PGE06 v6.0.72
      Archive Production Time Period: 7/2002-12/2012

      The intended maximum reported value for a successful Cloud Optical Thickness (COT) retrieval was increased from 100 in Collection 5 to 150 in Collection 6 (C6). However the new C6 COT datasets Cloud_Optical_Thickness_16 and Cloud_Optical_Thickness_37 were inadvertently not limited to 150. Therefore, for a small number of very bright clouds (typically at low sun angles), these two COT datasets can exceed 150 or become negative due to an integer overflow (beyond a value of 327.67). Users are advised that if they encounter a COT value in these datasets that is either greater than 150, or less than zero but not a fill value, then they should set the value to 150.

      View the 06_L2 HISTORY page for details on correction.