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LogoThe MODIS Atmosphere Group develops remote sensing algorithms for deriving parameters pertaining to atmospheric properties of the Earth. In order to develop conceptual and predictive global models, it is important to monitor these properties. Two MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) instruments, the first launched on 18 December 1999 onboard the Terra Platform and the second on 4 May 2002 onboard the Aqua platform, are uniquely designed (wide spectral range, high spatial resolution, and near daily global coverage) to observe and monitor these and other Earth conditions.In addition to developing remote sensing algorithms for deriving snap-shot as well as time-series data products pertaining to cloud and aerosol properties and distribution; these products will also be used as input for generating additional data products for the MODIS Land and MODIS Ocean Groups, as well as other EOS instrument teams (e.g., CERES, MISR, etc).

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How do I order MODIS data?

MODIS Data is distributed free of charge through the Level 1 and Atmosphere Archive and Distribution System (LAADS). By utilizing the Search & Order Tool on the LAADS web site, one can search and subset data by collection, date & time, geographic area, science products, and selected metadata.

In addition, an FTP site is available for direct file download. After you load the FTP page -- click on directory "6" for Collection 6 (006) data -- click on directory "61" for Collection 6.1 (061) data.

For all questions and/or problems related to ordering MODIS data from LAADS, email MODAPS User Support at or call 1-800-596-8132 (toll-free US).

For answers to additional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), visit the FAQ section of this website.

News and Spotlight

C6.1 Data Publicly Released!

The Collection 6.1 (061) data for both Terra and Aqua have been completely reprocessed and is available for download/ordering. This includes L1B calibrated radiances, as well as L2 and L3 MODIS-Atmosphere data products.  Documentation can be viewed on the C61 Documentation page.

C6.1 Imagery Available

Collection 6.1 Imagery is available for viewing. As an example, the page for L3 Daily can be viewed at the L3 Daily Images page. Scroll through the links on the LHS of that page to see other image types.

C6.1 PGE Version Summary Graphics

Collection 6.1 PGE Version Summary Graphics have been updated showing the 6.1 processing progress for each Algorithm. An example can be viewed on the PGE06 (Cloud Product) Summary page. Scroll through the PGE Version links on the LHS of that page to see progress for all PGE's.

Data Issues

A Data Issues section for all MODIS-Atmosphere data is available that details problems as they are discovered. It's important for researchers that use MODIS Atmosphere data to monitor this area of the website in order to stay abreast of breaking news on data problems & anomalies; as well as subsequent fixes and reruns. Visit Section