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Monthly Data Issues

Tracking of known problems and subsequent fixes is an important issue for MODIS data users. This page will act as a repository of all known MODIS Atmosphere Data Product problems, as well as how to determine the problematic version (and the fixed version) of the HDF data -- therefore data users should check this page for updates regularly. Data Users unfamiliar with how to properly track problems and fixes by determining the version of their downloaded HDF files should refer to the documentation at the bottom of this page.

Problems in input 04_L2, 05_L2, 06_L2, 07_L2, and 35_L2 propagate into downstream products


See the Known Problem pages for the input (upstream) Level-2 products 04_L2 (Aerosol), 05_L2 (Water Vapor), 06_L2 (Cloud), 07_L2 (Profiles), and 35_L2 (Cloud Mask) by clicking on the links to the left.  Users should make themselves aware of any issues in the upstream data products.

Affected Platform: 
Aqua and Terra
Products Affected: 
Collections Affected: