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Collection 6.1 (061) Update

Collection 6.1 (061) Executive Summary

The MODIS Adaptive Processing System (MODAPS) is currently generating an improved Collection 6.1 (061) for all MODIS Level-1 (L1) and higher-level Level-2 (L2) & Level-3 (L3) Atmosphere Team products.  This decision to create a new improved Collection 6.1 (061) was driven by the need to address a number of issues in the current Collection 6 (006) Level-1B (L1B) data.  These L1B issues had a negative impact in varying degrees in downstream MODIS Atmosphere Level-2 (L2) and Level-3 (L3) products, which are more fully described below.  The MODIS Atmosphere Team decided to use this reprocessing opportunity to implement some science improvements in their L2 and L3 products.  The documents below describe Collection 6.1 (061) changes to L1B as well as all impacted (or improved) L2 and L3 MODIS Atmosphere data.  Collection 6.1 reprocessing began in late summer 2017; began to be publically released beginning on 15 October 2017; and is expected to be completed by early summer 2018.


Collection 6.1 (061) Change Documents

Below is a list of Collection 6.1 Change Documents that describe changes to each algorithm:


  • Level-1B Change Summary (MOD021KM, MYD021KM)  [v10, 1/2/18] View PDF
  • Terra MODIS IR Bands Calibration Change Supplement (MOD021KM)  [v1, 6/27/17] View PDF


  • Aerosol Dark Target (04_L2, DT)  [v2, 7/17/17] View PDF
  • Aerosol Deep Blue (04_L2, DB)  [v2, 8/9/17] View PDF
  • Cloud Mask (MOD35_L2), & Cloud Top (MOD06_L2, CT)  [v1, 6/27/17] View PDF
  • Cloud Optical Properties (06_L2, OD)  [v2, 8/17/17] View PDF
  • Atmospheric Profile (07_L2) [v1, 11/8/17] View PDF


  • Level-3 Daily (08_D3), Eight Day (08_E3), & Monthly (08_M3)  [v1, 8/23/17] View PDF
  • CDL File Specification for L3 Monthly (08_M3)  [v3045, 7/25/2017] View TXT


Collection 6.1 (061) Release Schedule

Overview (History) of MODIS Data Collections

Terra Platform
Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 February 2018 at 3pm  (C6.1 Terra reprocessing rate during the past week = 1x)

Aqua Platform
Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 February 2018 at 3pm  (C6.1 Aqua reprocessing rate during the past week = 100x)