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L1B L2 WorldView

Important Note: For data dates from launch through 31 Dec 2016, the images in Worldview were generated from Collection 6.0 "standard" MODIS data (from the regular MODAPS processing stream). Starting on data date 1 Jan 2017 and forward, images were generated from Collection 6.0 MODIS data generated in the Near Real Time (NRT) process, which could have a lower quality due to ancillary data files being unavailable or improperly timed. Users should be cautious when viewing images for data dates in 2017 as they were generated from NRT data and may not accurately reflect "standard" MODIS data products. For these 2017 data dates, the imagery in Worldview should be used as a proxy only. Finally, beginning on data date 1 Nov 2017, the Near Real Time process switched to Collection 6.1 (so images in Worldview are generated from the C6.1 NRT process beginning on 1 Nov 2017).

Launch a new browser window for the WorldView images page.

Launch WorldView Images Page  (Includes C6.1 NRT images beginning on data date 1 Nov 2017 moving forward (only))