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Aerosol Products


The Aerosol Product monitors aerosol type, aerosol optical thickness, particle size distribution, aerosol mass concentration, optical properites, and radiative forcing. The ESDT names are MOD04_L2 (Terra) and MYD04_L2(Aqua). 

Missing Terra Data between 5 Aug 2017 and 6 Aug 2017

Description: Following the Terra Deep Space Calibration on August 5th, 2017 (2017 217) there were some faulty C6 Terra MODIS Atmosphere data as the focal plane temperatures did not return to nominal values until the day after - August 6th, 2017 (2017 218) 1420 UTC. So the granules for the time period between 2017 217 23:00 UTC and 2017 218 14:15 UTC were removed before the downstream Atmosphere processing. Data users will notice missing MODIS Atmosphere Data during this period for all Level-2 (L2) and Level-3 (L3) Daily atmosphere products.

Steve Platnick

MODIS Atmosphere Team Lead

DOI Reference

MODIS Atmosphere L2 Aerosol Product

Dataset Short Name:
MOD04_L2 (Terra Platform)
MYD04_L2 (Aqua Platform)

Dataset Long Name:
MODIS/Terra Level-2 (L2) Aerosol Product
MODIS/Aqua Level-2 (L2) Aerosol Product
(Swath, 1km and 5km Resolution)
(5 minute time-period HDF files)

Grids & Mapping

Product Grid

The MODIS Aerosol (MOD04_L2) product contains data that has a spatial resolution (pixel size) of 10 x 10 kilometers (at nadir). Each MOD04_L2 product file covers a five-minute time interval (based on the start time of each MODIS Level-1B granule), which means the MOD04_L2 output grid is 135 10-km (at nadir) pixels in width and 203 10-km (nadir) pixels in length for nine consecutive granules. Every tenth granule has an output grid size of 135 by 204 pixels.

Granule Coverage