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Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents

Aerosol (04_L2)

Aerosol Product ATBD  (Updated February 2009)
Remer, Tanre, Kaufman, Levy, & Mattoo, 2009:
Algorithm for Remote Sensing of Tropospheric Aerosol from MODIS for Collection 005: Revision 2
Products: 04_L2. View PDF

Water Vapor (05_L2)

Near-Infrared Water Vapor Product ATBD  (Updated November 1998)
Gao & Kaufman, 1998:
The MODIS Near-IR Water Vapor Algorithm.
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Cloud (06_L2)

Cloud Product - C6 Cloud Top Properties & Cloud Phase ATBD  (Updated May 2015)
Menzel, Frey, Baum, 2015:
Cloud Top Properties and Cloud Phase - Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document.
Products: 06_L2 (CT).   View PDF

Cloud Product - C5 / C51 Cloud Optical Properties ATBD  (Updated January 1998)
King, Tsay, Platnick, Wang, & Liou, 1998:
Cloud Retrieval Algorithms for MODIS: Optical Thickness, Effective Particle Radius, and Thermodynamic Phase.
Products: 06_L2 (OD).   View PDF

Atmospheric Profile (07_L2)

Atmospheric Profile Retrieval Product ATBD  (Updated April 2011)
Borbas, Seemann, Kern, Moy, Li, Gumley, & Menzel   2011:
MODIS Atmospheric Profile Retrieval - ATBD. (Collection 006)
Products: 07_L2.   View PDF

Cloud Mask (35_L2)

Cloud Mask Product ATBD  (Updated October 2010)
Ackerman, Frey, Strabala, Liu, Gumley, Baum, & Menzel, 2010:
Discriminating Clear-Sky from Cloud with MODIS - Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document.
Products: 35_L2.   View PDF

QA Plan

  • MODIS Atmosphere QA Plan for Collection 061
    (includes Cloud Optical Property update)
    Version 9 (15 Mar 2017)
    Hubanks,  View PDF