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The Eight-Day Global Joint Product contains roughly 800 statistical datasets derived from Level-2 MODIS Atmosphere parameters that are summarized over an 8-day period. The ESDT names areMOD08_E3 (Terra) and MYD08_E3 (Aqua). 

Gala Wind


Cloud Retrieval Group (L2 Cloud Product 06_L2)


Cloud Retrieval

Kerry Meyer


Cloud Retrieval Group


Cloud Retrieval

Steve Platnick

MODIS Atmosphere Team Lead

DOI Reference

MODIS Atmosphere L3 Eight-Day Global Product

Dataset Short Name:
MOD08_E3 (Terra Platform)
MYD08_E3 (Aqua Platform)

Dataset Long Name:
MODIS/Terra Level-3 (L3) Atmosphere Eight-Day Global Product
MODIS/Aqua Level-3 (L3) Atmosphere Eight-Day Global Product
(1x1 degree Resolution)

File Spec

L3 Eight Day (08_E3) File Specification
(Common Data Language (CDL) Format)

The link below allows one to download and view the complete Common Data Language (CDL) file specification. This file spec gives a complete description of the MODIS Atmosphere Eight Day (08_E3) HDF product file, including all the Scientific Data Sets and their local attributes.

L3 Eight Day (08_E3) C6 File Spec (2.1 MB)

Format & Content

Eight Day Product (08_E3) File Format Basics

MODIS Atmosphere Eight Day (08_E3) product files are stored in Hierarchical Data Format (HDF). HDF is a multi-object file format for sharing scientific data in multi-platform distributed environments. HDF files should only be accessed through HDF library subroutine and function calls, which can be downloaded from the HDF web site.