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News and Spotlight

C6.1 Data Publicly Released!

The Collection 6.1 (061) data for both Terra and Aqua have been completely reprocessed and is available for download/ordering. This includes L1B calibrated radiances, as well as L2 and L3 MODIS-Atmosphere data products.  Documentation can be viewed on the C61 Documentation page.

C6.1 Imagery Available

Collection 6.1 Imagery is available for viewing. As an example, the page for L3 Daily can be viewed at the L3 Daily Images page. Scroll through the links on the LHS of that page to see other image types.

Data Issues

A Data Issues section for all MODIS-Atmosphere data is available that details problems as they are discovered. It's important for researchers that use MODIS Atmosphere data to monitor this area of the website in order to stay abreast of breaking news on data problems & anomalies; as well as subsequent fixes and reruns. Visit Section