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Moderate Impact

Moderate Impact

Missing Granules/Orbits in Sep-Nov 2014 Aqua Data

Incorrect production rules in MODAPS caused the initial release of Aqua MOD08_D3 data to be missing some granules/orbits in the September to November 2014 time period. Data was rerun and new corrected files are now available for download. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, an example animation showing this problem (before and after correction) is displayed below. Just to clarify, this was not a software/code bug, but instead a problem in the operational production rules.

MOD06 (Aqua 5km Cloud Top Properties) Occasional chunks of missing CT data around Southern Africa in a 3 hour time window only (occuring only intermittantly).

In early 2015, it was noticed that very occasionally there were areas of missing Cloud Top Properties (derived from 5km CT L2 ) data in L3 in the area of Southern Africa. This was traced back to the Level-2 5km Cloud Top Properties source data (06_L2). And later was diagnosed as a black body warm-up/cool-down issue that only occurs between 0900 and 1230 UTC. This actually was found to occasionally affect the 5km CT data since Aqua launch in July 2002, however it's been slowly getting worse over time.